Minimalist Relocation: How To Reduce Clutter During Relocating

A lot of us own way more things than we need or that are necessary. Our houses are full of rarely used holiday décor, camping gear, sports equipment, unused chairs and tables and family heirlooms all stashed away in attics, basements,and garages.

No one ever thinks about all this extra stuff, until it comes to packing up for relocation. Arranging all these things then becomes stressful, adding more work and stress to the situation. Luckily, Ottawa moving companies is here to help make things easier for you and make sure your relocation goes smoothly.

Moving can give you and your belongings a brand new start, but you need to see it as a positive thing. You have a chance to get rid of everything you do not need or use such as old toys, or stuff you have collected over the years. Below are ways through which you can delitter your house.

Recognize that we might be emotionally attached to some stuff

Often, we find it hard to sort through the trash and throw stuff away because some are not just objects, but have memories attached to them. It could be you like buying things in multiples, or maybe some of the stuff has been passed down through the family, and you feel bad whenever you think of throwing them away. Accepting that your items have some special significance may assist you to deal with why you don’t want to throw them away.

Know what you want to keep and what you don’t

Sifting through your belongings is an integral part of relocating. However, before you start, you should have a list of what you want to be left behind and what gets thrown out. Items like kitchen equipment and technical appliances are used daily, so if you haven’t used them in months, it’s time to let them go. Also, when it comes to clothes, if they are now small or old, give them away.

More things take longer to sort through

Ottawa moving companies always asks their clients to be patient with the haul because some aspects of it are time-consuming. Specifically, if you are taking time to go through every single item. You will have to clean each piece, keep it safe, and as you are about to do, relocate it. Seeing things from this perspective can help you recognize how much trash is in there and maybe push you to get rid of most of it.

Deal with easy things first

Most people postpone cleaning out their clutter until it is time to move because they hold on to so many things for so long that the thought of sifting through that is a nightmare. The smart thing to do is begin ahead of time and go for easy things first. For example, you could go through old letters or even a basket of laundry. As you are going about this, you can divide them into the ones you are keeping, the ones going to the trash and the ones you can donate. After that, you can lay out how you will go through the rest of your house and even make a schedule for it. A couple of weeks of this and you won’t even notice getting to the end.

Do not hoard because you feel obligated to

Sometimes some things are given to us as gifts. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to keep it. As you come across such things, you can note down all the memories attached to them, and that way, you will still have the memories, but won’t have to stay with all the clutter.

Understand that it isn’t just a fresh start for your things, but for you as well

You’ll probably fell a little unhappy letting go of your belongings, particularly if you are going about it before a major haul. Console yourself with the fact that by giving them away you are also making someone else feel better, and throwing away junk will help create space for new things.