Agenda For The Day Before The Move

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By the time one gets to the actual day of the move, they will have probably already come up with several lists to keep you organized and prepared during the move. These checklists could consist of what is being packed, objects to be given away, and even what needs to be done in the days leading up to the move. Even though the most important one is the one used on the D-day, moving companies Brampton also recommends that people should give some thought to the one on the day just before that. This one makes sure that you will not have to panic and run all over when the moving day reaches trying to get everything sorted out.

This should contain everything that needs to be completed by then according to how the relocation had been planned, and anything else that is yet to be completed. Sem’s Moving and Storage have also come up with a list of other things that can be added to it such as:

  • Unhanging all the photos, mirrors and any other hangings that could be on your walls.
  • Add to the stuff that you will not be taking with you, and then place the boxes that are being moved in a specific corner. Remember to label all of them so that when the movers arrive, they will not be confused about which ones to load on the truck and the ones not to.
  • Come up with a folder or a binder which you will use to keep the household record, all the checklists as well as this one, and any other important documents on the moving.
  • Give the crew you decided to work with a call so that you can check, double check, and be sure that they are still aware of the move, and that everyone will be there on time.
  • Put jewelry, money and any other valuable articles in a separate and secure box and put it together with the other knickknacks that will be in your car. This makes sure that they do not end up getting lost somewhere in the mess of boxes that will be in the trucks, or worse yet, get stolen.
  • Go to the bank and get some money to tip the movers, and also for any emergency that may come up during the journey.
  • Make sure that all borrowed pieces are given back to their owners.
  • Just in case you had to hire someone or ask a relative to look after your children or a pet, check in with them and see to it that they are ready for the D-day.
  • Back up your computer, and charge your phone and other devices. However, do not pack the chargers as they may still need to be used.
  • Throw away perishable food, opened cans, and anything else that could spill.
  • Put liquids in tightly sealed plastic bags or containers.
  • Unscrew light bulbs and any other lights being carried.
  • Drain pipes and any other thing that could have water.

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