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No one ever wants to think about letting go of their belongings, and they may not always be welcome to the idea. Nonetheless, most individuals are forced to downscale for various reasons, be it that their children now live on their own, or they need to go to a smaller abode. Whatever the reasons are, this can be a daunting endeavor, but Sem’s Moving and Storage is here to give you some ideas on how you can make this go smoothly and stress-free.

  • De-clutter

It is always said that if there is an item that has not been worn or used in six months or a year, then it is time to get rid of it. Nonetheless, as much as you are on a de-cluttering mission, it does not mean that you should throw away everything. One can also donate or sell and get some extra money.

  • Organize a yard sale

This is a perfect way to do away with old objects that have been sitting in the abode. If something has not been used in a while, get rid of it as it probably won’t be used again, and the cash got from the sale can go into getting new items for the home.

  • Sell bigger fixtures and purchase smaller ones with the cash you get

These can also be sold during the yard sale, but if you do not have time to plan for one, there are other options such as online platforms. One could use applications such as LetGo, 5Miles and also Facebook. If it is a good piece and is only slightly used, it is possible to get almost the same as what you had bought it for in the first place. This cash can then be used to acquire smaller pieces for the new house.

  • Switch bulky objects

such as headboards, sofas, and TVs for sleeker, smaller and simpler makes. You will slowly notice that a lot more space is left that can make the place seem bigger and less crowded.

  • Get plastic totes

to keep seasonal things such as Christmas decorations, winter coats, and pool supplies. These containers do not need a lot of space and are also easy to mark and sort through.

Moving companies Ajax advice trying to switch things up a bit when it comes to the arrangement of things in the house. Something as simple as changing the position of the bed can make the room look bigger than it is.

If there are things that you wish to keep but have no space for, consider leasing a storage space. Plenty of them come at a fair cost, and they will let you keep your belongings there for as long as you would like. If you are in need of such services, get in touch with us today, and we will be able to help you out.

Downsizing is not that enjoyable, but with the above tips, it should be an easier process for you.

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