Relocating as a Couple: Staying Sane While Moving Together

Movers Thunder Bay

Relocation can be a complete pain, and it does not matter whether it is packing up a big house, a small apartment, or if you are relocating just down the street or to another part of the country. The whole routine takes a lot of time, planning and patience to go through it. That being said, you will definitely need some assistance if you are going through it with your spouse, to help tackle all the decisions and conflicts that may arise. This is where Movers Thunder Bay comes in. Some of the ways that you can handle relocating as a couple without jeopardizing your relationship are:

Figuring out what to carry and what not to carry

Your husband might want to carry along those old and worn cleats he wore when his team won the championship when he was in high school. Your wife might also have some valuable sentimental items that she might not want to leave behind. It is a fact that everyone has memories attached to stuff that may appear trashy to someone else. Both of you need to agree on how much space you have in your new place and then know how much of the space you are willing to set aside for your sentimental things. The new home could have a garage with shelves, so each person can have one or two storage bins, or it could come with a big attic where you can store all those items. If there is not much storage, then you can both get a storage unit.

Always remember to do your research on how best to keep the keepsakes to make sure they do not get damaged.

Picking out a decoration style for a family move

This may appear to be planning too ahead, but it can aid you in knowing what to keep what to throw away, or what to donate. One of you might decide to put up their nineties inspirational lighthouse portrait with a dark lacquer frame, while the other may decide on decorating the room with silver, china, and roses. To avoid a disagreement on how to put these two together, you could try creating zones in your new house. The picture could go into the office, and the fragile antiques can be placed in the sitting room or dining room, far from children or pets. Just in case you both really don’t like each other’s different styles, you could call in an interior decorator to help come up with a common style for both of you. Movers Thunder Bay realizes that this might end up being more than what you have budgeted for. Just in case hiring a designer goes above your budget, you could always get décor magazines to help you find out what you both like.

Packing tips and tricks

The both of you may have different packing strategies. One partner may want everything packed neatly while the other may just throw in everything into the containers and move on. This could very well be potential for a disagreement. One way that we recommend to get past this is to get professional packing ideas. Splitting up the packing work will even make things easier and leave everyone content. The careful, precise one can take care of the fragile things while the less organized one can handle pillows, blankets and anything else that can be thrown into a box. Also, make sure to label each box so that you remember what went where when unpacking.

Come up with a solid plan

Relocation is quite the exasperating and emotional task. It will have you asking questions like: “Can we afford the new house?”  or “How can we leave all the memories behind?”. Feelings are at an all-time high during this period, and that is why it is advisable to have a list of estimated moving costs in Ajax for example. Boxing things up will take a lot of time, so you should start ahead of your relocation date. Get a lot of packing equipment, tape, markers and bubble wrap to save time. You can also have a packing schedule and have everyone aiding you to know how to tag the boxes. Both of you being ready and having an idea of what lies ahead reduces the stress for when the relocation day comes, and also makes sure you get through it without shouting at each other.

Have a little time off

There is probably a lot to be done and having a little time off is the last thing on your mind. However, for the sake of your relationship, it is advisable to do so. Enjoy some alone time and refocus on the reason for your haul, the place you are going to, opportunities that will come your way, and the fun times you will have together. Taking a step back and taking a breath will ready you for the work.

While couple’s therapy is not our forte, Movers Thunder Bay can aid you to get rid of all your worries while relocating. Our team can pack and unpack your things while you show them where to place everything. Whether you are relocating to a new house or moving in together for the first time, our team will see to it that you move on smoothly into this new chapter, so that you can make fresh memories together.