How To Relocate Foliage To The New Abode

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Plants can easily transform any living space into a warm and beautiful home. The majority of people work hard to have their plants alive and in good shape, and if you are just like them, it will be difficult to abandon them during relocation. The good news is that with planning, it is easy to bring them to the new abode.

The process and the means via which the plant will be handled and transported mostly relies on its type. When it comes to the ones in containers, this job is quite easy, but for plants growing outdoors, or for big indoor plants, the task might be slightly complicated.

House Plants

Wee plants are the least stubborn to haul because they can be carried while still in their pots. All you need to do is put these pots inside sturdy open boxes to make moving them easier. It is also advisable to fill in any space left in the boxes with paper or cloths so that the plants don’t move too much for the duration of the journey and end up getting damaged.

Moving companies and experts such as Movers Mississauga usually avoid moving plants. For that reason, if you are scheduling a relocation, it is wise to also plan on how your plants will be conveyed. One could decide to carry them in the car they are using since they cannot go into the truck. This is good for the plants as well because you will be able to control the temperature as you travel and keep them alive.

When traveling over long distances, looking after the plant along the way is a crucial part in making sure that they get to the journey’s end in good shape and in one piece. The same way one would ensure that a pet is comfortable, do the same for the plant. If there are any overnight stops, do not leave them in the car, but take them in with you because it might end up getting either too hot or too cold, which could be detrimental to the plants. Nevertheless, some people may still fear to carry them on their own. Another alternative is to have them moved, which will require some extra cash.

Outdoor Plants

These can be a little complicated to carry and should be thought about before deciding to move with them. Sometimes it is cheaper, and less of a headache to not carry some plants with you because the process might require too much.

If you are moving large plants, the smart thing to do first is to trim them as it makes carrying them easier, while still helping them grow when they are replanted at the new home. Check that they also get sufficient water before anything is done to them so that the roots and the soil do not dry out in the course of the move. After that, dig them up but still leave some dirt and preserve as much of the root as you can.

For smaller ones, the dirt can be out in paper bags which is better than plastic because of plastic blocks out air. Larger ones should have their root balls wrapped in burlap and can stay this way for a few days just as long as they get enough water.

Plants can be affected by changes in temperature so keep them in the shade. On arrival, replant them as soon as you can. It takes time for them to adjust to the new environment so be patient and they will soon get back to being strong and beautiful.

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