Priming Your Cottage for Winter

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Numerous upsides come with the ownership of a cottage as it provides a getaway spot to lay back and put your feet up. However, this is not the experience throughout the year, especially when the cold winter months start rolling in. During this time, it is crucial to take steps to ensure that your cottage is maintained in pristine condition, whether you plan on visiting it during the winter or not. Readying it up serves to save you a lot of time and effort in repairs come spring. Even though the process may appear cumbersome, Sem’s Moving and Storage provides a few recommendations on how to keep your cottage safe this season.

Ensconce Garden and Patio Fitments

Winter comes with snow, which can easily result in water damage for any uncovered furnishings. You should also put away any items used for outdoor ventures such as boats and canoes as they may suffer the same fate if left exposed. If the space in your cottage is limited to hold all the items, consider having them kept in a storage unit. If this is a consideration, ensure you contact movers in Vaughan soon enough to avoid last minute rushes that could see you miss a booking or pay higher prices.

Readying Your Cottage Interior

Before anything, all items that are prone to going bad such as food should be taken home. Once everything is out of the fridge and pantry, the areas should be cleaned to ensure that they stay fresh for your next return. Look around the home and make sure everything is in its place since you may be away for a couple of months. You may also want to take skincare products with you are they carry expiry dates.

Prep Your Plumbing

The harsh cold temperatures of winter are known to take their toll on plumbing if necessary measures are not taken. Even if you will not be using your cottage for the winter, it is still advisable to winterize your plumbing nonetheless. Consider leaving all taps open to ensure that any water accumulating within them is drained out and not left within pipes to freeze over, which could result in damage. This process should be done after pumps and tanks have been shut off. Also, check your dishwasher and washing machine pipes to ensure that they are free of any water. If the process proves too cumbersome, you can always turn to professionals.

Prepping Winter Visits

You may be considering going up to your cottage during the winter, which will need some extra preparation. Prior to settling in, ensure there is enough wood to keep the stove running, and go the extra mile of investing in an electric blanket to keep you warm when the temperatures dive to a brutal low. Also, ensure you seal up any entries into the cottage, no matter how small, to avoid sharing your residence with rodents.

Looking at the steps above, one can see that the process of readying a cottage for the cold is not as challenging as presumed. Additionally, implementing these measures is a small task compared to making repairs if damage hits.

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