Guidelines on Relocating Art Cautiously

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As Sem’s Moving and Storage, there are a few things that we have come across when relocating clients that have required special care more than art. Most people treasure their art pieces whether they cost millions of dollars or are just printouts from a stationery store. In our time of service, numerous questions have been posted on how to handle these items during a relocation best, and we have compiled some tips that are sure to be of help.

Understand your Pieces

Art covers a wide range of items, all of which require different care methods to be moved around. A variety of elements have to be considered to put the most appropriate requirements in place from something as simple as the type of paint and frame used to encase it to factors as complex as their size and shape. We recommend reaching out to our box service where we have experts in place to advise you on the best options for your articles.

Invest in Special Boxes

We offer a wide range of cartons that can easily be modified to fit your specific piece. If the art comes in a standard size, you can purchase the small or large sizes depending on which one fits best. Telescopic boxes are advisable for the latter considering they fit over each other, which makes them easy to use and can be made to adapt to different art sizes.

Take the Crates Road

If your art is too big to fit in boxes or too valuable to take the risk, crates stand as the most effective option. Even with the bubble wrap used inside boxes to protect an item, it still does not match the security level offered by a crate, which is made out of wood. It is advisable to have one made from scratch with specific dimension provisions to ensure your art fits perfectly. Even so, you can choose to purchase one that is already constructed if you find a suitable option. The crates alternative comes with a higher price tag than boxes, but you can rest assured that your piece is in the best possible condition to withstand even a long-distance moving.

Place Small Items in One Box

When you have all the tiny pieces in one carton, it makes the task of accounting for each one easy. Even when placed together, encase each in its own in bubble wrap, and fill any spaces with packing peanuts to avoid them moving around during transit. Choose a medium box for this purpose, so that ample space is left for the packing material.

Charter a Suitable Moving Team

Ensure you turn to the services of movers in Pickering that understand how to handle art relocations and who have ample experience in the field. Our Pickering local moving company has undertaken numerous art hauls to know just how demanding the process is and have measures in place to ensure it is well-handled.

Consult the Experts

If you are still skeptical about what is best for you article, it is advisable to turn to an art professional to acquire knowledge on how to care for it. We have a forged partnership with a leading name in the art world, a company that will gladly aid your concerns.

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