Moving with Birds

These animals are extremely touchy when it comes to new environments. Relocating may bring birds’ great distress. With meticulous planning, though, you can make the transition easier for birds to handle.

Just as it is with dogs or cats, pets are not allowed aboard trains or buses. Therefore, for your bird to be secure, going by car is more suitable. Often times this isn’t a possibility and some planes can let you travel and sit with it or put itamong the other cargo.

Before arranging for the bird’s transit, go to the vet first because some provinces will ask you for health certificates. Even if they do not ask, have them just in case you need to ascertain that you are indeed the owner.

Some people do not like having to move the pets on their own. Just in case you are one of these people, Kingston Moving Company can assist you. We will take care of all the details.

Travelling by car

Birds love travelling by car, and they love it even more if they can see outside. Just in case you go for a moving service to carry them, ensure that the birds spend some time with those people before the haul so that they feel comfortable.Also, add in a couple of the pet’s toys or treats in their carriers. More tricks include:

  • Carry along food and water for it because a change in places may lead to digestion issues. Add also a few weeks supply of the same just in case it is not easy to find where you will have relocated to. After you get settled in, you can now gradually change the type they eat.
  • Put fruits and vegetables in a quality cooler for them to eat during the journey.
  • Birds get very uncomfortable during hot weather. To make them feel better, ensure the air conditioning in your car is working. You can also get glare guards to keep off the sun.
  • If your car’s airbags cannot be switched off, keep the pet in the back and make sure the carrier is safely secured.
  • While arranging for the travel, look for hotels that allow pets, just in case you need to sleep in one. Be prepared to pay something extra. To keep the floor of the hotel room from damage, put a trap or a cloth under the cage.
  • Keep from bringing water with you so that it does not get wet. For re-hydration, pack a couple of fruits such as cucumbers, then you can give it some water during a stopover.

Travelling by plane

Different airlines have different rules when it comes to transportation of pets. There are however laws in place that make sure that where pets are carried is temperature controlled and pressurized. Other airlines may allow you to sit with your bird in the cabin, but only if the carrier is small enough to go under the chair. Kingston Moving Company suggests other hacks for such travel like:

  • The Transportation Security Administration will ask to look through your carrier. To avoid your birth panicking, make sure you bring along an avian harness.
  • Make sure to check if you can carry along your pet beforehand. When they say yes, bring along a carrier that they approve of. If you can book a flight that has no layovers, the better.
  • If your flight is international, note that you cannot have it in the cabin.
  • Bringing alongrecognisable things around the pet can help with its feeling of unrest. So, make sure to pack in some of its toys and treats.
  • More often than not, the airline will not let the bird travel, and the ones that do, will not take all types of birds. You need to, therefore, do thorough investigations to get the best airline for the both of you.