9 Best Websites to Find Roommates

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Persons trying to find individuals with the same accommodation needs as them on the internet may find the task more manageable than they thought. There are multiple websites and platforms on the World Wide Web that make it easy to locate a roomie virtually. Some of these websites are:


Craigslist is among sites that have a constant traffic of people looking for shelter alternatives. The various number of posts that fall in the ‘rooms wanted’ and ‘rooms/shared’ is a clear indication that one can find a reliable individual to live with within their jurisdiction in this site. Individuals using this platform are cautioned to be careful when finding somebody to live with from this site. This precaution taken is because Craigslist is slightly moderated and has had multiple cases of scammers infiltrating the system.


Facebook is a social network platform that is utilized by millions of people for various other functions apart from socializing.  Availability of individual pages on this medium has allowed for users in the same region to meet in home groups that have come up over time. The built-in messaging system available for this site makes it easier for members who have met in the centric groups to get in touch and make arrangements on how to go about the housing issue.


Roomi is an app that brings together persons with spaces to rent along with those trying to find a place to let. Public profiles required for the app covers necessary data that either party may want to be familiar with.


Spare rooms explicitly made for renters looking for empty spaces in studios or houses. This site also connects individuals looking for housemates in the same area. The search results for spare room come up like classified advertisements with every necessary data about an establishment provided.


This virtual destination has multiple features that make it easy to use and find a person to stay with. The amenities available in a facility come fully described with accompanying photos. Details of other people in need of filling the space are also provided at the bottom of the listing.

Listing project

Listing project audits individual requests received on their listserv on a weekly basis to ascertain if the bids are genuine and not from brokers. There are numerous opportunities presented by this site for individuals to meet legitimate people to live with.


Using algorithm used by this site borrows heavily from those used for dating apps. Users are required to answer multiple issues regarding their character and daily life to help them find the ideal person to share housing. After filling out the queries, matches that fit the needs of a user are brought forth.


Listings available on this site include apartments with open spaces for letting. Additionally, info about individuals seeking a roommate is provided with full profiles including pictures attached. The rooms available to let are sorted by neighborhood, then further by cost and unique features.


Details about open rooms are provided alongside numerous profiles of other individuals seeking roommates. Users have the option of liking another user’s profile. Each of the users will receive a notification of their matches, and they can pick up from there. Diggz works pretty much like tinder only that it connects persons seeking roommates only.

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