Three Things To Have In Mind When Moving With Small Children

Chestermere Movers

Since planning and executing a move is quite the task, and since a lot of time, money and energy goes into it, it is easy to overlook the youngsters and how they are feeling about the process. Here is a list by Chestermere movers of things to have in mind to make the change easier on your school-aged broods.

Social/Emotional concerns

Any change can take a toll on children as it can be a scary process, and it is normal for them to panic and get uneasy during a move. Because of this, youngsters are often more affected by relocation as compared to adults, even though they might not directly say or show it. A couple of worries that your children could have are:

  • They might fear to have to make new pals or if they will be accepted and liked at their new school.
  • If the new school will have competent teachers or if the curricula will be dissimilar.
  • Some feel bad for having to leave behind friends and the life they have had in the current home and community.
  • Added stress if the move is as a result of a life-changing occurrence such as a divorce, economic changes, or switching of jobs for the folks.

Compared to grownups, children will hide their concerns and depression because on occasion they do not know which emotions are deep down, and they do not want to bother their folks as well. As a guardian, you can do the following to help the kids have a good move and avoid feeling anxious.

  • Acknowledge that relocating has an effect on the young ones and encourage them to tell you how they are feeling about it and what they are thinking. However, do not bombard them with questions but provide a safe and loving environment where they can be open about it, say dinner at their favorite place. Share with them your worries as well and together talk about overcoming them. After this, you will see that they will be open about their feelings.
  • Have a couple of fun events integrated into the process. Let them also aid out and plan things together. For instance, you can check out libraries and parks and other fun places that are in the area you are going to together or look for sports teams that they could be interested in. Allowing them to fell that they are also part of the venture will give them a sense of excitement and may end up being happy over the new adventure. Schedule a time and take them to see the new house, or show them pictures and get their opinion on what they would prefer to be added in such as the color of the rooms and what they would like to have in it.
  • Take some time away from all the hustle and bustle and have some family moments. Even though most of the work is draining try taking the kids out for other activities such as to watch a movie or come up with a family game night to keep them happy and involved.

Practical considerations

Ensure that all preparations are in place to provide a smooth transition for the young ones into their new schools as quickly as you can. If it is possible, request a copy of the new school’s summer reading or homework and let them have a look. Also, talk to your children’s teachers and ask if there is any significant information that you should give to the new tutors concerning their schooling. Talk to the teachers in the new school as well and check if there is any catch-up work that your youngsters need to do before being taken in.

Children care about making new friends, so make this easy for them to do. Search for any local after-school programs or classes that they can join and meet new people. If you go to worship centers as well, ask if there are groups that they might like. This is also an opportunity to get to meet other parents and set up playdates.

Some more things to have in mind are:

  • If there are any friends or relatives already living in the area you have just moved to, let the young ones stay with them on the day of the relocation so that they can feel safe by being in a place that is already established.
  • Just in case there’s no pals or kin they can stay with, it is also advisable to hire a sitter for the day whose primary concern will be to make sure the child’s needs are taken care of on that day.
  • Make sure you have made some food, snacks, and drinks in advance. Keep the food as non-perishable as you can, and easy to consume without being messy. Add in their favorite treats to keep them happy through the journey.
  • Apart from food, have some toys and books to keep them entertained during the relocation.
  • At some point, the kids will get tired and will need to nap for a while. When packing sleeping items, leave behind their favorite pillow or blanket that they can lie down with and feel a sense of comfort.
  • Keep aside a box of stuff you might need quickly such as medicine, band-aids, the children’s favorite books, toiletries, and any other particular kinds of stuff.
  • Since the front door will remain open due to all of the traffic going in and out, check that the kids are secured and that they stay in the house.
  • Young ones will be young ones, and they could get curious and want to touch and play with the equipment that may be around such as the dolly. It might be fun, but also quite dangerous. Make sure that someone is looking out and checking that the children stay away from this equipment.

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