4 Corporate Relocation Mistakes to Avoid

Cambridge Moving Company

Moving of workplace is just as stressing and exciting as it can be. It’s important to be aware of what could go wrong during the relocation to evade these blunders, save on resources and prevent damages. Medium or large businesses require advanced preparation before relocation hence it is not something that should be done last minute. This means identifying some of the prevalent to missions people make while planning a business transfer and trying as much as possible to prevent them. Cambridge Moving Company compiled a list of four common mistakes businesses make during commercial moves and tips on how to evade them:

Mistake no # 1. Failure to involve your employees

Your employees are vital to your business; they are the ones who get most of the work done. Failing to inform them about the move in good time may affect their performance in the new location mainly because they were not psychologically and did not provide suggestions or opinions of things they felt should be incorporated in the workplace thus making them unproductive and un-corporative.In addition, failure to involve workers can lead to loss of clients since they were not updated of the expected changes ahead of time and this will portray a negative business image.

Mistake no # 2. Underestimating costs and tasks involved

It is always better to overestimate than underestimate when moving, this way unexpected shortcomings becomes easily dealt with. Always confirm details with the company of choice to avoid unrealistic expectation so that they uphold schedule, particulars such as workforce, expected time taken for the move should be noted as well. Creating a list of costs of items helps to avoid unexpected transport expenses. Doing a proper inquiry for a pocket-friendly moving company and keeping written records will aid stay on the budget. It’s crucial to consider the following aspects when approximating costs:

  • Price estimation from the business moving company you settled on
  • Deposits or fees paid to your new office space
  • Removal of debris, if necessary
  • Back-up for unexpected expenses

Mistake no # 3. Over-working your Employees

As much as it is vital to involve your employees in the moving process, overindulging them and having them take all inventories can distract them from doing their initial work. Instead, hire a team of professional movers to pack and sort office utilities in an orderly manner and having one employee facilitate the moving.

Mistake no # 4. Starting too Late

A common mistake is starting the relocation process last minute. Moving requires thorough inquiry for the best moving company and booking at least three months in advance after vetting their services and costs. This helps to avoid missing out on a mover’s company as they may have been booked up by the time of your move. Starting early also allows you to set a budget and source for the money needed for the move.

A businessperson’s worst nightmare is to end up with unprofessional movers who end up causing damages and bringing losses. Our expert movers understand the challenges involved in relocating a workplace hence we come prepared with the appropriate tools. With extensive experience in such moves, we ensure your move is done with minimal disruption to daily activities. We work to carefully determine the most appropriate way to move the workplace cost-effectively. We hope this list of four common mistakes made during business transfers has brought some insights that will help make business relocation smooth. To request our services, feel free to visit our website or speak to one of our customer agents for inquiries on commercial relocation options.