Advantages Of Giving Out Your Stuff Before A Haul

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As the saying goes, what is trash to you, might be a treasure to another person. Giving away the things you no longer have a use for may help out someone who is in need, while at the same time affording you major benefits. Below are seven top reasons that Belleville local movers have come up with on why it is a good decision to give out some items.

  1. It saves on taxes

Donating unneeded household things is by far the simplest way to save on taxes. All you have to do is to remember to keep the donation receipts. Sometimes you may be required to add onto the receipts the list of everything you have donated, and their monetary value. If you find that this will be an added task on top of everything else you have to do for the haul, you could also just take a pic of the things. These pics will then assist you to fill in your donation receipts since you will be able to remember what was given out.

  1. Donating reduces the total cost of your moving project

It is no secret that if you have a lot of belongings that need to be moved, then the more expensive the endeavor will be. This is because most moving companies charge by how heavy the stuff is. More stuff equals more weight which then increases the cost. Sem’s Moving is also calculated per the time it will take. That being said, it will take more time for the moving crew to carry your stuff from the house and into the moving truck. Donating unnecessary stuffs, therefore, helps you save up money because it will ultimately cost less to pack up and move fewer items.

  1. It will make your home feel calmer

Messy spaces and clutter are always a recipe for chaos and disaster. Through donating most of the items you have no use for, you change the messy residence, into a peaceful, much calmer place. Studies have been conducted, and they show that having fewer items around can, in fact, make people happier.

  1. You will be in a better position to sell the house quicker

This is one of the top ways to make your house sell faster, and for an even higher amount of cash. The reason for this is because, minus all the clutter, potential buyers will be able to focus on how the place looks like, which will with a bit of luck, make it easier to sell. Getting rid of unwanted stuff also makes it look more spacious, tidy and welcoming.

  1. Your new abode will have a lot less clutter

More often than not, when we look for something in our homes, we find that we cannot seem to place or spot it. Relocating, therefore, offers us an opportunity to get rid of all the unneeded materials, giving our new homes a new feel.  Do not be tempted to box up anything you do not need because it will only bring in clutter to the other place. De-cluttering not only helps you have a cleaner, neater home, it will also make it easier to find things.

  1. Having less stuff means no need for a storage unit

Once you donate the excess things you own, you will find that you will not have to pay for a storage unit because your belongings will now comfortably fit into your new space. Even though renting storage unit does not require a lot of money, in the long- run you will find that it does, particularly if you plan on doing so on a long-term basis. Not renting one also saves on the time and energy that would have been spent loading it.

  1. It is a way of giving back to the society

Through giving away most of the items you do not need, you will be assisting someone in need. These items, be it books, toys, electronics or even clothes, can be recycled and used by another person who might be in need of them.

There are a couple of places that you can donate your items to such as:

  • Goodwill – This is a non-profit organization that takes new or not so worn household stuff. The company shares a collaboration with Dell to take in electronics or any unwanted devices. What Goodwill does is that they revamp and recycle the things brought to them, so that they can be of help to the local society. After you figure out what you would like to donate, you could then drop them off at any Goodwill Donation Center, or even have then get picked directly from your place.
  • Salvation Army – One could also choose to donate to the Salvation Army through any one of their stores. They usually have dropped off and picked up options at various family stores throughout the country. The Salvation Army takes clothing, furniture, cars, household items, and Everything that gets to these family stores goes towards funding the Salvation Army’s adult rehabilitation centers.
  • Habitat for Humanity – What this organization does is that it sells new and semi-new furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials, etc. if you want to give out big pieces of furniture like couches, beds or dining tables, then get in touch with Habitat for Humanity, who will come get them for free.
  • Dress for Success – For job- suitable clothes, you could send them to dress for success. It is an international non- profit organization that assists women to do better at work by giving them professional wear. It takes in new or nearly-new suits, business-appropriate dressing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and even cosmetics.

Once through with the donation process, you are now ready to identify which moving company will suit your needs. Belleville local movers is a company made of experts who will help you move. We are licensed and insured, so your haul will be in safe hands.

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